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  • I’ve just finished reading Intercom on Marketing – and I would strongly suggest you grab yourself a copy. It’s a quick read – but that does not mean it is not packed with useful insights on things that you may already think you had a good grasp on. Always be learning! One one of the […]

  • I am not 100% sure if this was their intent – but I have noticed a change on Dribbble of late – you used to be able to hover over a ‘shot’ and you would then see the description for what it is you were looking at – see the screenshot below: This is no […]

  • Small business owners are not website focused. They require an approach that recognizes their entire business and context. The quote above was a highlight from a recent customer survey conducted by Automattic – it seems pretty simple right. Or is it? You see, visit the homepage of most services that allow you to create a […]

  • Focus

    Focus. Such a simple word, but why is it so hard to maintain, never mind achieve! I was watching an interview from June 2017 between Gustaf Alstromer a former product lead for Growth at Airbnb & Ed Baker a former Head of Growth at Uber in which they spoke about Scaling Growth if you interested […]

  • We speak a lot about user research at Automattic within our various product divisions and it’s easy to get your head down in the trenches and feel like you don’t have the time to come out to even see your users, never mind speak to them! At times I feel like this, and in my […]

  • Lightroom to WordPress

    Lightroom to WordPress

    The team recently published a lightroom plugin that allows you to export your photos direct from Lightroom to WordPress – and it promised – No fuss, no mess! As I was editing my photos from the Grand Meetup recently I decided to give it a try and see just how easy it was – […]

  • Conversational design

    I read Die Dashboards Die – by Nir Eyal recently and it resonated with me – but it also got me thinking about how some of this could be applied to traditional web design. Personally, I feel that for too long now websites have just been a way of taking what would have been your […]

  • Hustle is a popular tech/startup term – but I have never really seen anyone explain what they did when they were hustling – you just hear them say they ‘hustled’ and then they were ‘successful’. It tends to be defined as: Anything you need to do to make money… if you making money, you hustling. In […]

  • I watched this talk ‘Build the company that you wouldn’t sell‘ by Zach Klein and it aligned well with this talk I watched by David Hieatt around the concept of doing one thing well. It seems as though the norm these days when building a company is to start building it with your exit strategy in place before you even […]

  • Decision fatigue

    Early this year I was part of a discussion around ‘how many design options to present’ and the topic of decision fatigue came up. Decision fatigue is defined as: Decision fatigue refers to the deteriorating quality of decisions made by an individual, after a long session of decision making. It is now understood as one […]