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Moving beyond ‘drafts’

I read this post today by my colleague at WooThemesDwain Maralak – and it really resonated with me – to the extent that it actually got me to write and publish my first post on this new site.

His post got me thinking about the many reasons that I have not actually disabled the maintenance plugin on this site and put it out there for the world (okay probably a handful of friends) to read! I even started to create a list of the various ‘hurdles’ I sought to overcome in publishing this site – but ultimately as I looked at them they all had one similar theme: fear.

The internet (which I love don’t get me wrong) has enabled us to access so much information so easily that it becomes too easy I find to compare myself to others who I feel are ‘making it’ and start to discount my own life experiences and knowledge as insufficient or boring.

And so I plan to follow the advice of Nathan Barry to learn, share and create.

So this site might not be perfect yet, it still lacks an about page and a whole lot of tweaks I would love to do as a designer, but as the title of the post says – I am moving beyond ‘drafts’.