Category: Product Management

  • I recently joined Bob and his hew co-host Noëlle Steegs from Do The Woo to talk about our work on the WooCommerce Blocks. It was a great conversation with both of them, my colleague, Darren Ethier and Manos Psychogyiopoulos, Head of Product at SomewhereWarm. We covered our current work on the new Cart and Checkout […]

  • It was interesting to note recently that closed a $102 million Series B. As that TechCrunch article goes on to share: In the “last month we’ve seen $927 million — at least — flow into startups with overlapping ecommerce infrastructure market targets. TechCrunch That’s a pretty significant amount of investment into a relatively ‘new’ […]

  • The value of good inputs

    Are the projects you are working on not having the intended impact? Do you find yourself working in a company that has a great ‘shipping culture’, but all the things you are shipping don’t seem to be having the right impact? Does it feel like your customers keep asking for more improvements, more changes, while […]

  • Decision fatigue

    Early this year I was part of a discussion around ‘how many design options to present’ and the topic of decision fatigue came up. Decision fatigue is defined as: Decision fatigue refers to the deteriorating quality of decisions made by an individual, after a long session of decision making. It is now understood as one […]

  • Engineering Happiness

    As part of joining Automattic – you are required to spend your first three weeks in product support. I was recently part of the first group of the WooThemes team to do the 3 week Support Rotation and it gave me some key insights into customer behaviour – as well as my own behaviour  – […]