A Zwift Racing update

It’s been a while since my last update here on my Zwift racing/training efforts since I got started using Zwift earlier this year – so this post is a quick update on where I am now after being upgraded to the B category back in May.

I took part in a few Team IRL races after the upgrade to the B category, finishing in the mid-to-back of the races – which was not very motivating to say the least – it turns out racing in the B category is tough! So I decided I’d be better off putting in some more dedicated training before trying to race again. As such I spent a good few hours each month from June to early October training and learning as much as I could about Zwift racing in general.

Fast forward to October, and all those hours of sweat, hard work and dedication and I am now racing in the inaugural Zwift Racing League – for the Emerald Flyers (as part of Team IRL Racing here in Ireland). The bigger achievement personally though is that my team finds itself topping our B division pool! Of course it’s a team effort – and I am by no ways the strongest in our team – but my personal FTP gains from May till now have been significant and I actually find myself finishing up towards the front of B races – something that seemed a VERY long way off back in May.

Our pools are getting shaken for the next race (next Tuesday) – as we are all going to get reseeded into new pools based on our teams results after these first two races – so the racing may get even harder – but I am looking forward to seeing how well I can do over the remaining races of this inaugural Zwift Racing League. I’ll try share more regular updates here moving forward.