• I watched this talk ‘Build the company that you wouldn’t sell‘ by Zach Klein and it aligned well with this talk I watched by David Hieatt around the concept of doing one thing well. It seems as though the norm these days when building a company is to start building it with your exit strategy in place before you even […]

  • Decision fatigue

    Early this year I was part of a discussion around ‘how many design options to present’ and the topic of decision fatigue came up. Decision fatigue is defined as: Decision fatigue refers to the deteriorating quality of decisions made by an individual, after a long session of decision making. It is now understood as one […]

  • Engineering Happiness

    As part of joining Automattic – you are required to spend your first three weeks in product support. I was recently part of the first group of the WooThemes team to do the 3 week Support Rotation and it gave me some key insights into customer behaviour – as well as my own behaviour  – […]

  • WooCago

    25 hours of flying, 9 hours of layover and 6 movies. That’s what it took to get from South Africa to Chicago for my first team meetup since starting at WooThemes. Over the course of two days, 15 WooThemes employees flew to Chicago from around the world. One of the benefits of working for WooThemes […]

  • While spending a rather large amount of time in airplanes recently, including one rather uncomfortably long flight from Dubai to Chicago it got me thinking about the idea of one size fits all – and it’s application to the airline industry. Unless you fortunate enough to be able to fly business class (never mind first class) […]

  • Emotions and design

    I read this post by my colleague Jesse Friedman at Automattic during the week: Don’t become emotionally invested in your design until the people who use it do. I often feel that most of my time studying design was spent learning to disassociate my personal emotions from my work and be able to look at […]

  • Mountain biking and MVPs

    So it seems spending time exercising gives me time to think about what I’m going to write about. I spent some time this week reading a few varying views on Minimum Viable Products. One of my own personal favourite descriptions of this term has been Josh Longs Smallest Viable Product from his book Execute. But it […]

  • Walking the hills

    This past Sunday I went for what was probably my first run in nearly ten years. I blame my company perk Fitbit! I thought; how hard can it be? I could easily have climbed on my mountain bike and gone for a 100km ride without any real sweat – but was I in for a surprise! As […]

  • I read Seth Godin’s Pretty Websites post this week – and it got me thinking. I was not sure if I actually agreed with or disagreed with the post – but it did make me question: where do we draw the line between making sales vs building a brand? This has been a long debate – and I […]

  • The Four Horsemen

    I came across this interesting presentation by Scott Galloway, a trademark analyst and founder of L2 on the strengths and weaknesses of Apple, Amazon, Google and Facebook. His delivery style is fast, and I mean fast – so its just as well you can pause the video, take stuff in and replay sections if you want to […]