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One size does not fit all

While spending a rather large amount of time in airplanes recently, including one rather uncomfortably long flight from Dubai to Chicago it got me thinking about the idea of one size fits all – and it’s application to the airline industry.

Unless you fortunate enough to be able to fly business class (never mind first class) and you are tall you will know the discomfort I am talking about. We (us tall people) have to make do with economy class – which sadly just adopts a one size fits all approach to passenger comfort. It amazes me that no airline has taken the opportunity to create a custom option for taller passengers in economy class. I know that you can try book a seat at the emergency exits to try gain some extra leg room – but getting one is still very much based on ‘luck’. I would happily pay a little extra for my economy class ticket if an airline would include one or two rows with seats that are larger and have more legroom, which could be set aside for taller passengers – surely this is not something which would decrease overall revenue but rather increase it through slightly higher ticket prices combined with greater customer loyalty?

Or are all people over 6 foot ‘rich’ and able to afford business or first class? Or is it that the demand for tickets is just so high that they don’t actually have to care?


Update: Since writing this I have found that both British Airways and Lufthansa offer a premium economy option as well as a few other airlines. Seems I was unlucky in my choice of airline!