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  • I recently joined Bob and his hew co-host Noëlle Steegs from Do The Woo to talk about our work on the WooCommerce Blocks. It was a great conversation with both of them, my colleague, Darren Ethier and Manos Psychogyiopoulos, Head of Product at SomewhereWarm. We covered our current work on the new Cart and Checkout […]

  • Own don’t rent

    As of today, December 10th, Creative Market increased the commission they take on each sale from 30% to 40% – yes that’s a 33% increase. They announced this change to shop owners in an email a few weeks back and it created a lot of discussion on the Creative Market community forums amongst shop owners. […]

  • We are currently getting feedback on some new designs (using Lookback – a great product if you have not tried it) as part of the cart and checkout redesign I am working on for WooCommerce. During the sessions, in the final step, we ask the person testing the prototype to view what the new checkout […]

  • Lightroom to WordPress

    Lightroom to WordPress

    The team recently published a lightroom plugin that allows you to export your photos direct from Lightroom to WordPress – and it promised – No fuss, no mess! As I was editing my photos from the Grand Meetup recently I decided to give it a try and see just how easy it was – […]

  • Hustle is a popular tech/startup term – but I have never really seen anyone explain what they did when they were hustling – you just hear them say they ‘hustled’ and then they were ‘successful’. It tends to be defined as: Anything you need to do to make money… if you making money, you hustling. In […]

  • Engineering Happiness

    As part of joining Automattic – you are required to spend your first three weeks in product support. I was recently part of the first group of the WooThemes team to do the 3 week Support Rotation and it gave me some key insights into customer behaviour – as well as my own behaviour  – […]

  • WooCago

    25 hours of flying, 9 hours of layover and 6 movies. That’s what it took to get from South Africa to Chicago for my first team meetup since starting at WooThemes. Over the course of two days, 15 WooThemes employees flew to Chicago from around the world. One of the benefits of working for WooThemes […]

  • Walking the hills

    This past Sunday I went for what was probably my first run in nearly ten years. I blame my company perk Fitbit! I thought; how hard can it be? I could easily have climbed on my mountain bike and gone for a 100km ride without any real sweat – but was I in for a surprise! As […]

  • Moving beyond ‘drafts’

    I read this post today by my colleague at WooThemes – Dwain Maralak – and it really resonated with me – to the extent that it actually got me to write and publish my first post on this new site. His post got me thinking about the many reasons that I have not actually disabled the maintenance plugin […]