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  • I recently joined Bob and his hew co-host Noëlle Steegs from Do The Woo to talk about our work on the WooCommerce Blocks. It was a great conversation with both of them, my colleague, Darren Ethier and Manos Psychogyiopoulos, Head of Product at SomewhereWarm. We covered our current work on the new Cart and Checkout […]

  • Just P2 it!

    I came across this tweet recently and it made me think how fortunate we are to have a product like P2 at Automattic. Ask yourself: Could this meeting be a zoom?Could this zoom be a phone call?Could this phone call be an email?Could this email be a text?Could this text be unsent? Could we in […]

  • It was interesting to note recently that closed a $102 million Series B. As that TechCrunch article goes on to share: In the “last month we’ve seen $927 million — at least — flow into startups with overlapping ecommerce infrastructure market targets. TechCrunch That’s a pretty significant amount of investment into a relatively ‘new’ […]

  • Where does it stop?

    Halloween, Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Christmas Elves, Christmas Jumpers – as we run into the end of 2019 I had a moment the other day where I wondered – where will it all stop? Where will the commercialisation of everything actually stop? I can imagine a day in the not too distant future where there […]

  • Own don’t rent

    As of today, December 10th, Creative Market increased the commission they take on each sale from 30% to 40% – yes that’s a 33% increase. They announced this change to shop owners in an email a few weeks back and it created a lot of discussion on the Creative Market community forums amongst shop owners. […]

  • We are currently getting feedback on some new designs (using Lookback – a great product if you have not tried it) as part of the cart and checkout redesign I am working on for WooCommerce. During the sessions, in the final step, we ask the person testing the prototype to view what the new checkout […]

  • The value of good inputs

    Are the projects you are working on not having the intended impact? Do you find yourself working in a company that has a great ‘shipping culture’, but all the things you are shipping don’t seem to be having the right impact? Does it feel like your customers keep asking for more improvements, more changes, while […]

  • I came across an article and related study via a few various places over the past week. If you have not seen it yet, or don’t want to click though – essentially, in February 2019, researchers at Princeton University analysed ~53k product pages from some of the most popular e-commerce sites online and discovered widespread […]

  • My wife found a brand new book in our local library on a recent visit with our kids – it is titled: The Lost Book of Adventure – a good enough title to keep two young boys entertained for a few hours surely – so she took it out. I picked up the book (initially […]

  • Working remotely for Automattic requires you to do a fair bit of travel each year – both for our annual Grand Meetup (in which the whole company comes together), for team meetups and then at times other meetups dependant on the area of the business or projects you are working on. At the most I […]