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Focus. Such a simple word, but why is it so hard to maintain, never mind achieve!

I was watching an interview from June 2017 between Gustaf Alstromer a former product lead for Growth at Airbnb & Ed Baker a former Head of Growth at Uber in which they spoke about Scaling Growth if you interested in watching the full interview you can see it below…

Yeah, I don’t think there’s anything short term that will remain, like successful for a very long time so the best advice is invest for the longterm, whether it’s SEO, whether it’s paid marketing, whether it’s virality, take a couple of years, look out and see where do we want to be. And aim for, look for channels that actually do have true scale. Like channels that have hundreds of millions of people discovering products through those channels. And then invest for the longterm.

Gustaf Alstromer

Something about what he said struck a chord with me – it’s really easy to get caught up in all the various acquisition channels we have now – and it’s tempting to try to add your companies voice to another one of them, but this view really challenged me to take a step back and assess not only the channels your company/product could have success in but what channels are you currently showing the greatest success and growth in and make sure you are doing the best possible job you could be doing there to get the maximum value from those channels, before you start looking elsewhere.

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